Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

By participating in business with Canterbury Tree Farm, customers must agree to abide by the following stated terms and conditions. Qualified customers that are not willing to abide by the companies terms will not be serviced. Our terms reflect work and effort that is incorporated in the nursery-process that is mandatory to provide quality plant material, as well as reflect the organization of our business. We pride ourselves on our plant material and the hard work that comes along with it. We thank you for your respect, cooperation, and business.


Wholesale Qualifications

Due to the organization of our business, we are open to the wholesale trade only. We are not open to the general public. All landscapers, designers, architects, and other qualifiers must be able to present a Federal Tax ID and a State REG. Number. Customers of qualifiers (public personnel) are able to visit the farm under the presence of their hire. No exceptions. 



We offer pricing information under our online catalog (restricted use). Interest in access to pricing information must be completed through our request access page or by contact (Phone or Email). We accept quotes through email or fax. In-person purchasing must be made through an appointment through phone or email contact. Unexpected drop-ins are not ideal and we may not be able to provide requested material at the given time. All other questions please call or email. 



We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks with proper identification. If check payment is made, we require a copy of photo identification correlated with the name on the check at payment for all new customers. All first year customers are C.O.D. No exceptions. Customers presenting an established account and line of credit are NET30 days on payment. Payments over 30 days impose a 2% charge of unpaid balances after the original 30 days each month. No exceptions. Non-cooperation of these rules will result in a loss of acceptance by the company. 



Unfortunately, children are not permitted on the farm due to heavy machinery in operation and other possible hazards. We try to keep people safe as possible as many trucks and heavy machinery are operated on a day-to-day basis. Public personnel may be able to visit the farm under supervision of their landscaper/architect. No exceptions. Thank you for your cooperation. 



Interest in tagging material must be made through an appointment of the person wishing to tag. Tagged material for above ground stock only lasts 10 days unless a 50% deposit on the purchase is made. Otherwise, material will be put up for sale after the original 10 days and is no longer guaranteed. Hand tagging in the field is also available. Please contact us to make a field tagging appointment. 

Holding Material

Material that is dug to order will only be held for 10 days, unless a 50% deposit is made on the order. After 10 days, a 5% Maintenance Fee will be added to the existing order, every week past the original 10 days. If material is not picked up, a 25% restocking fee will be added to the original order. No exceptions. Non-cooperation of these rules will result in a loss of acceptance by the company. 


Special Ordering

Some material requires to be special ordered. Projects requiring special ordered material must be discussed with sales personnel and may require a 50% deposit under the company’s implementation. 



All presented pricing is subject to change. Pricing is presented on our online catalog. Pricing is offered to qualifying customers ONLY. Questions on pricing or availability on non-listed items may be made through contact of a sales person. 



Material dug in season (species dependent) may require a 10% digging deposit based on species or quantity. Species dependent, additional preparation must be made in-order to give the highest survival potential. We use root-drenching and vapor guarding (deciduous material) processes during in-season extraction. We hold NO GUARANTEE on material dug in season. No exceptions. 



We hold no guarantee on plant material once it leaves our possession. Under no circumstances will winter-injured plants be discussed. We hold no responsibility for plant results from the installers transplanting process. 



We do not accept returns. 



Delivery price is quoted out per job. No standard pricing. We offer delivery on either a 48’ trailer (Side Kit in season) or rack body truck. Delivery price is affected by distance and quantity. Please assess job site boundaries before requesting delivery. We do not provide machinery to unload deliveries. Purchaser must be prepared with proper equipment at the delivery location. Email or call for any other questions.